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Improving your mental and physical health has never been easier!

Infused Essence was created by avid wellness enthusiasts who believe in the natural healing benefits of essential oils. Pure, safe, and free of chemicals, we strive to provide safe and quality products that improve the well being of our customers.

We firmly believe that health and wellness is primary and want to help lead our customers on the path to better health.



Infused Essence' exclusive and natural blends promote extrodinary health benefits ranging from healthy skin, boosted immunity, improved sleep quality, reduced stress levels and improved mental health & focus.

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Why Infused Essence?

Made In America

Locally Produced. Our products are made in the USA and our ingredients are sourced worldwide from the finest farms that promote sustainable and ethical operations.

100% Pure, Natural & Non-GMO

All Natural. Infused Essence offers only the highest quality all-natural ingrentients availible on the market. Sleep soundly knowing that there are no harmful chemicals ever added to our products.

What People are Saying about #InfusedEssence

Patricia F.

I purchased this for my wife who suffered from chronic headaches for the past 5 years. The doctors wanted to keep having her try new medications which only seemed to make things worse. We were looking for a more natural solution and decided to try Migraine Relief and immediately saw positive results. I wish our doctor mentioned this years ago instead of all those medications. Definitely reccomend this product to anyone who suffers the same problem.

Tammy F.

I struggled with insomnia and anxiety for the longest time. I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up and thought about stressful things. Drugs didn't seem to help, and I felt lost. A friend suggested I try "Stress Away' by Infused Essence. I ordered it, and it arrived within a few days. I applied 2-3 drops of Stress Away to my bracelet and slept all through the night. I was very skeptical at first but have turned into a huge believer.

Tracy L.

Love this product. The roll on ball is very refreshing and soothing, especially on my puffy baggy under eye area. Love the smell and the feel. It sits by my chair and I use it multiple times a day. Concentrating on frown lines, laugh lines, neck and under eye. I’m almost 60 and a sun baby so obvious damage is done. Noticeably improvements will take time except under eye I noticed immediately. It’s not expensive, no auto refill and no commitment.

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